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Connecting and Reconnecting

What kinds of connections or reconnections are happening for you?

In recent weeks I’ve been thinking about what it means to connect with people. We use the term loosely most of the time, like, “I need to connect with that director about auditions”. But how often do we really connect with people. You know, when you have a moment of realization that you’re traversing the same idyllic plane with another person and you get an energized rush from it. Or when you’re playing music with other musicians and find that sweet spot of being totally in sync and the perfect sounds you’re creating are seemingly effortless. And of course a physical connection with your partner or a loved one. The simple touch of a hand, generous hug, or soft kiss that sends the proverbial tingles up and down your body. I feel like we shouldn’t let a day go by without making a connection such as these. I mean, why wouldn’t we want to make it a regular thing?! True connection. We all need it.

And then there is reconnecting. I’ve been feeling this one a lot lately. A shared memory with my wife Alice brings about a most fulfilling visceral response. A reconnection to the excitement of being together, and of knowing our good fortune. Or, a good conversation with one of my kids that takes me out of the average and in to a feeling that says ‘this is what makes being a parent so meaningful’. And playing music with friends I’ve known for many years. We hadn’t played together in so long, and here we are working on my songs and creating together. Reconnecting with a renewed spirit and a shared enthusiasm that feels as though it had never waned. Lastly, my son Aaron recently reconnected with an old friend of his and they met for lunch one day, and something sparked. They spent more time together, the relationship blossomed, and now he and Emily have found something so wonderful in each other that they are starting a new journey as a couple.

Connections and Reconnections. I guess you just never know, huh?

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